Eblana Motors

For a professional, reliable car repair service, contact

01 4854454

Eblana Motors

For a professional, reliable car repair service, contact

01 4854454

Eblana Motors

Crash Repair Specialists

Established in 1989 and conveniently located off Macken Street in Dublin 2, Eblana Motors provides an extensive range of car repair services, working on all makes and models. We specialise in crash repairs, working on projects of all specifications from minor scuffs to large bodywork jobs.

We repair and replace:

  • Car Bonnets

  • Wing Mirrors

  • Car Doors

  • Wheel Arches

  • Car Door Sills

  • Roofs

  • Bumpers

  • Boot Lids

  • And More

Our normal business hours are between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. However, occasional weekend and late evenings will be worked to accommodate any immediate repairs you require of us.

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We have all the necessary equipment and experience required to carry out complete body work repairs on makes and models of vehicles. We realise that bodywork damage can be frustrating which is why we always aim to have all repair works complete in a timely manner to ensure you get back on the road as soon as possible. All bodywork repairs are carried out by members of our team of fully qualified, highly skilled tradesmen and we have a mobile service available if required.

Alloy Wheels

We refurbish and repair alloy wheels for all types of cars, restoring them to their optimum condition. All alloy wheel straightening and welding repairs are carried out by qualified, certified professionals. If required, we can also provide a spray painting service and have an extensive range of colours available.

Align Lights

Light alignment is an essential aspect of your NCT test and so it needs to be correct to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. We can adjust your lights to their correct position and can also check to make sure your bulbs are in proper working order.

Bumper Scuffs

Bumper scuffs and scratches are detrimental to the appearance of your car and also lower its value. We provide an effective and efficient bumper repair service, carefully removing all scuffs and scratches to restore the condition of your bumper.

Specialist Spray Painting

Eblana Motors provides a specialist spray painting service using innovative spray painting technology for a quality finish. We have an extensive range of colours available and, if requested, can match the existing colour of your vehicle.

Panel Beating

Panel beating is a solution to bodywork damage caused bumps, knocks or more serious collisions. Eblana Motors can reshape, mould or replace the necessary parts, restoring your car to its optimum condition.

Cigarette Burns

Cigarette burns to car upholstery can be unsightly and also reduce the resale value of the vehicle. We can restore your upholstery and remove the damage caused by cigarette burns to any type of interior surface.


If you’re going for your NCT check, call into Eblana Motors beforehand for a complete vehicle inspection. We will highlight any issues we come across and provide an appropriate solution, with the overall aim of ensuring you pass first time.

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Eblana Motors

14 Carlingford Parade, (Off Macken Street),
Dublin 2,

01 4854454


Opening hours

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